Akademie Faber Castell Aus- und Weiterbildung


Are you playing with the idea of connecting your interests and joy with artistic forms with a therapeutic guidance training? If you work in an educational, social, advisory or medical therapeutic profession or want to open a new field of activity in this area, the Faber-Castell Academy is the place to attain these goals. In this training, you will learn how pictorial and illustrative figures may bring out what lies within the subconscious. It is partly a question of experiencing the healing effect of the design process and on the other to connect the visible designation with your own feelings and thoughts you’re your own instinct and mind. You will learn how the creative potential for life choices, be it spiritual healing, holistic maturation of personality or problem solving can be used.


The work-study training of arts and crafts therapy at the Faber-Castell Academy in cooperation with the nationally recognized Institute for Humanistic Psychology leads to:

  • COUNSELOR graduation in accordance with the guidelines of BVPPT*
  • COUNSELOR degree. BVPPT*
  • CLINICAL ART THERAPIST according to the guidelines of DFKGT* and *DGKT


Other training programs that you can begin during the training:

  • Clinical art therapist (DFKGT* / DGKT*)
  • Medical practitioner for Psychotherapy (HPG)

*BVPPT professional association for counseling, education & Psychotherapy
*DFKGT German professional association for art & creative therapy
*DGKT German society for art therapy